Project overview

Ematics division were appointed by Transport for London to support them with lighting upgrades to the Hanger Lane Tunnel.


The Hanger Lane tunnel is situated under the Hanger Lane gyratory and consists of a 240m twin bore tunnel with two lanes in each tube. The tunnel was built in 1960, takes in excess of 22 million vehicles per year and is a major route in and out of London.

The tunnel itself had an ageing lighting and control system which in places was beyond repair and needed replacing and the luminaires were showing their age with heavy corrosion.


Ematics and partners TRT were the chosen solution for controls and lighting for this vital route in and out of London. Due to the nature of the tunnel a bespoke optical solution had to be developed as height limitations meant the luminaires had to be placed in the existing cornice positions thus keeping the traffic envelope free.

The LED luminaires are powered by DALI controlled drivers which are linked directly to the eMaster DALI lighting control system. This state of the art control allows the access luminance to be monitored and delivers the correct lighting levels to the carriageway and walls in complete synergy.

The accompanying TRT Verso based bespoke optics designed for the Hanger Lane tunnel provides a highly uniform solution and low glare experience for road users. With traditional type luminaires, they would need to be angled when mounted in the cornice to achieve the road and wall lighting levels, however the bespoke optics installed in the tunnel allows the luminaires to be mounted flat in the cornices without the need to be angled – not only does this reduce glare but makes the mounting infrastructure simpler and installation easier.

By using a full dimming system linked to a photometer the lighting levels required by the approach conditions can be accurately and closely achieved in the tunnel offering significant savings over a switched stage system.

If the photometer demands 30% then the lighting will go to 30% output rather than jumping to a fixed stage of 50%, which would use 20% more energy than necessary, or risk underlighting by 5%.

Project Technical Specifications:

  • Schneider M340 based eMaster Control system
  • Dual Redundant PLC architecture
  • Magelis HMI
  • TRT Verso range LED luminaires
  • Intesis DALI Gateways
  • Connexium Network architecture
  • SCADA Interface

Our Services

Delivering the project requirements to an agreed Statement of Work (SOW), the Ematics team carried out services to include:

  • SCADA & PLC Control Systems
  • Industrial Communications & Networking
  • Specialist Tunnel & Highway Systems
  • PLC Interface
  • Trends
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • HMI