Hamilton Davies trust are an Irlam-based charity founded in 2004. They provide charitable support to the local communities of Irlam, Cadishead (Salford) and Rixton-with-Glazebrook (Warrington). They support a variety of projects across the area by awarding grants in partnership with Salford City Council and other key stakeholders for the regeneration of the regions. Over the last 15 years, they’ve provided support in excess of £7million.

The #SaveTheManOnTheBench campaign aims to regenerate a staple local statue of a nameless man who has been part of the Irlam community for over 40 years. Unfortunately, the statue was damaged by vandals and required repairs, including fixing a broken leg. As well as these repairs, the local community were keen to add a statue of a dog at the man’s feet and recast it in bronze. Officially called ‘At the End of The Day’, the statue is known locally as ‘The Man on the Bench’ and is a full-scale replica of a man in a flat cap relaxing on a bench. It was designed and produced by Simon Law, a local school boy who was studying O-Level Art at Irlam High School in 1978.

In February 2019, Morson marked the third week of our 50 Weeks of Giving campaign by donating £500 to Hamilton Davies’ trusts #SaveTheManOnTheBench campaign.