Morson Projects are pleased to share that we have enhanced our Power Quality offering to clients by partnering with advanced quality power analysis business, RPQ Ltd.

RPQ Ltd have developed an extremely unique Remote Power Quality Analytics Platform that enables power quality data to be harvested to identify problems and ultimately, prevent power outages due to poor quality power infrastructure.

Our approach to power quality

Traditional power quality analysis is often time consuming, requiring invasive site visits and the use of expensive portable equipment.

We are able to work with clients to deliver ongoing low-cost power quality monitoring and consumption data to accurately assess and predict the power quality of buildings such as manufacturing facilities, power plants and data centres.

By automating the analysis of the buildings power quality, we are able to help businesses to cut energy costs and reduce the risks of equipment damage and failure, which can have significant impact on the day-to-day operations of a business if not managed correctly.

Our team are able to work with clients to use the data from an on-going live feed of information, to understand and predict important engineering improvements that can be made to the buildings, such as the implantation of low loss transformers, voltage adjustments, power factor correction equipment, harmonic filters, phase balancing or voltage sag compensator’s.

How we can help

We understand that businesses face on-going risk from rising energy costs and problems caused by poor power quality.

The rapid increase in electronic loads has increased instability in the grid and on private distribution networks. The effects of poor power quality often include:

  1. Electrical equipment degradation and failure
  2. Production line stoppages
  3. Increased maintenance and equipment replacement costs
  4. Increased energy use

As a result, these issues create operating risks and unnecessary business costs, however, power quality problems are rarely identified and treated, often due to the cost and difficulty of acquiring and analysing electrical data.

Our engineers have decades of experience solving complex power quality problems.

A combination of this experience, coupled with our partnership with RPQ Ltd and the use of a unique ‘Remote Power Quality Analytics Platform allows us to:

  1. Identify existing power quality problems
  2. Identify emerging problems
  3. Provide clear, actionable information to help solve problems
  4. Capture events and seasonal demands
  5. Provide ongoing analysis
  6. Deliver the necessary engineering solutions to fix any issues

All of which in turn, helps businesses to reduce the risk of a critical incident and protect the associated operational costs.

Why choose this solution?

Proactive power quality monitoring is a great way to identify emerging risks, providing the opportunity for intervention before the risk materialises in an event. The additional benefit of potential energy savings may also be realised using the same equipment.

Our Remote Power Quality Analytics Platform incorporates the analysis of the attributes and resilience of the power being delivered to the load, comparing this information against the system architecture and design capacity.

Power quality studies are frequently employed during Root Cause Analysis exercises, post-incident, for this very reason.

Our Remote Power Quality Analytics Platform enables businesses to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of their building. Reports can be generated periodically or on demand, providing businesses with a detailed understanding of their power quality status, electrical consumption and potential savings.

This data is transmitted from your local area network to our secure servers and analysed remotely.


Our Remote Power Quality Analytics Platform is the most efficient way to carry out power quality analysis with operating costs typically <0.1% of the annual energy spend. Some key benefits include:

  • Accurate metrics for equipment capacity can be determined, assisting in the management of risk mitigation in relation to catastrophic failures
  • Business continuity can be impacted positively through energy supply disturbances preventing malfunctioning equipment and a loss of revenue
  • Capital equipment can be more closely managed to ensure lifecycle investments are realised or exceeded
  • Detects significant upstream supply disturbances and voltage variations
  • Identifies energy saving opportunities, calculation of kWh and CO2 reduction
  • Plant and equipment degradation can be measured by continuous data analysis
  • Proactive power quality studies not only mitigate risk, they can assist in increasing revenue
  • The quality and resilience of the power being delivered by the Distribution Network Operator can be ascertained
  • Voltage management savings may be realised, further assisting in the reduction of operational costs through the process of efficient utilisation of energy

What’s next?

If Power Studies, Analysis or Improvements are on your business’ agenda, the team at Morson Projects can help. We work closely with our clients to develop an action plan and road map of how to maximise the power quality within their facilities. This is often achieved using the following process:

1. Site surveys

We will survey your site and decide on the best place to install the necessary metering to carry out the analysis.

2. Installation

We will work with your in-house teams to install the metering using either a SIM Card or Static IP to collect the data.

3. On-going monitoring

The on-going monitoring will create a detailed report of your power quality.

4. Remedial plan

Our experts will break-down your report into a digestible executive summary and work with your business to discuss and implement any necessary improvements.

To find out more about how our Power Quality capabilities please get in touch with Simon Plimbley by calling 0161 707 1516 or sending an email to [email protected].