Ematics provide powerful PLC-based DALI lighting control solutions for tunnels, underpasses, rail infrastructure and other commercial, industrial, transport, and critical infrastructure.

How we can help

eMaster Lighting Control solutions anyswer many problems of proprietary systems becoming obsolete and unmaintainable over time. Fully documented and built with commercial off-the-shelf technology, each eMaster solution is infinitely maintainable, extendable and upgradable with minimal ties to manufacturers or software providers

eMaster is ideally provided as a dedicated PLC solution, with programming functions and customisation performed using one or more HMI based control stations. Integration into existing PLC based systems is optional given suitable equipment is already available on site, or existing systems are modularly extendable to accommodate the I/O and processing needs of the required solution.

Control can be optionally integrated into new or existing fully featured SCADA-based infrastructure.


  • Alarm, event and power logging
  • Commercial off-the-shelf PLC and HMI ensures maximum supportability over lifetime and ease of reprogramming, no bespoke software is requred
  • Control and monitoring of market leading numbers of DALI ballasts per redundant PLC pair
  • Industrial hardware proven for use in industrial and tunnel environments over 20 years
  • Local operator interface (LOI) via touch screen HMI offering password protected parameter adjustment
  • Override of automatic lighting demand via fireman’s override switch, LOI, or SCADA
  • Photometer ‘wash water’ request
  • Proven algorithms for control of base and boost lighting, dynamic or stage based as required – control via time of day clock or photometer
  • SCADA integration via Modbus TCP


eMaster ligthing can be used in a wide range of places, including:

  • Bridges
  • Car parks
  • Commercial premises
  • Data centres
  • Emergency escape lighting
  • Events lighting
  • Industrial and factory settings
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Rail tunnels
  • Road tunnels
  • Underpasses


The two recommended eMaster specifications cover most lighting system requirements, with Unity Spec for larger systems with more complex interface requirements, and Micro Spec for smaller systems with less customisation and extendibility features. Additionally, eMaster can be presented in a custom specification where needed, primarily to suit existing hardware or software environments.

Unity Spec:

  • Additional feedback and recording capability
  • Based on “Unity” Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Ease of reprogramming and customisation
  • Full integration capabilities with SCADA systems
  • Maximum supportability and extendibility over lifetime
  • No bespoke software is employed
  • Recommended Schneider “Magelis” HMI
  • Suitable for larger systems and architectures

Micro Spec:

  • Based on smaller M221 and Twido-class PLCs
  • Basic integration, feedback and recording capability
  • Cost effective and suitable for smaller deployments
  • Limited extendibility
  • Maintains extensive customisation features
  • No bespoke software is employed

Custom Spec:

  • Can be designed around all major PLC manufacturers
  • Flexible in enabling a lighting control system specific to your needs
  • Specification generation based on existing or preferred software and hardware environments

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