The two graduates were recruited by our colleagues at Morson International, who conducted all interviews via video-call during challenging conditions at the start of lockdown.

Paul Ward, who leads the team, shared:

“In our continued efforts to broaden our multi-disciplinary approach to delivery and introduce fresh talent and ideas into the team, we hope that through on-going mentoring Ali and Ethan will be two stars of the future.

“In these challenging times we are pleased to have been able to recruit and onboarded new talent which will broaden our long-term delivery capability and increase the support capability we can offer to clients.

“With thanks to the first-class internal recruitment capability of our colleagues at Morson International, Alex Beddows and team, we have experienced a seamless process from recruitment to appointment and are delighted to have Ali and Ethan as part of the team.”

We caught up with Ali and Ethan who both began their new roles during lockdown, to find out a little bit more about them and how they are getting on so far:

What did you study before you started your new role?


I’ve just finished studying my BSc Computer Science at the University of Salford and just recently graduated with a First Class honours degree in July.


I also studied BSc Computer Science at the University of Salford, receiving a 2:1 overall. During my studies I also did a 6-month period studying Mobile Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

How you have found starting at Morson Projects during lockdown?


I have been working from home and it has been a rather pleasant experience as I was setup with all the equipment needed from the first day. I’ve been able to communicate with fellow team members with no difficulties and get support from them whenever needed. Working from home has saved me a lot more time during the day as I don’t have to commute to work.


Starting at Morson Projects during lockdown has had its challenges, especially due to the lack of face-to-face interaction with colleagues which was something I hadn’t experienced before when starting a new job! Although I was still able to work well from home, I’m now back in the office three days a week, which I am really enjoying – it’s nice to be able to interact with colleagues in person after only being able to interact over video calls to begin with.

What you are most looking forward to / already enjoying about your new role?


As a Software Developer, it’s been exciting to have the opportunity to work on Morson Projects live client projects and get to grips with the varied technologies involved. I am looking forward to all the different learning opportunities that will continue to build on my existing knowledge and feel there is a lot I can bring to the business in a positive way.


Right now I’m enjoying working on creating webpages for our current project, one cool part has been creating interactive charts with JavaScript frameworks. In the future I’m excited to work on the networking for this project, such as setting up servers on-site to host the websites we’ve created.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?


I would like to see myself having advanced into a more senior role and assume more
management responsibilities whilst continuing to work as a Software Developer.


In three years’ time, I see myself in a more senior position than I am in currently and with more responsibilities on projects and potentially being able to project manage some small projects.

To find out more about our Power, Automation & Controls capability, please get in touch with Paul Ward by calling 0161 707 1516 or for current employment opportunities please email: [email protected].