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Project Date: 2007 – 2008

End User: TFL

Client: Accord MP


SCADA: FactoryLink

HMI: Magelis HMI

PLC: Quantum PLCs

PLC: Momentum PLCs


Site Surveys

System Architecture Design

Network Infrastructure Design

Software Development

SCADA Systems Integration

CAD Drawings

Containment Systems Design


Electrical Services

Testing and Commissioning

Transport for London: Rotherhithe Tunnel

The Rotherhithe road tunnel crosses beneath the River Thames in East London, connecting the Ratcliff district of Limehouse in Tower Hamlets to Rotherhithe in Southwark.

Due to the aging infrastructure, a new Tunnel Environmental System was required to control and monitor day to day vehicle pollution, fire detection, and tunnel lighting / ventilation and smoke control demands.

The Control System was developed using the most up to date Modicon Programmable Controllers, and the latest version of the FactoryLink Supervisory Control Data Acquisition system connected on a high speed fibre optic network to provide a usable and durable product.

The provided system included Fire detection equipment (Distributed Temperature Sensor), Pollution Monitoring equipment, UPS, and override control & status panels, as well as recording and logging of alarms, power consumption, lighting, and ventilation.

The project was completed successfully, on time and within budget, increasing safety for all tunnel users. The flexible and open solution allows for future expansion, with ease of maintenance and interfacing in mind.

The following systems and services have been designed and installed:


  • Schneider Modicon PLC System
  • FactoryLink SCADA System
  • High Speed Fibre Optic Ethernet Architecture

  • Software Development
  • Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Training & Maintenance
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