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Project Date: 2008 – 2010

End User: Drax Power

Client: Vital Power


SCADA: Citect

Network: Magelis HMI

Incident: Dual Quantum PLCs

NVR: Advantys STB Ethernet I/O


System Architecture Design

Software Development

SCADA Systems Integration

Interface Design

Electrical Services

Testing and Commissioning

Panel Design and Manufacture

Drax Power: 11KV Biomass Enabling Works

In conjunction with Vital Power, Ematics provided the 11kV Enabling Works for the Biomass Project at Drax Power Station.A new SCADA / Control system was provided to allow the control and monitoring of the electrical distribution system including refurbished breakers, new 11kV Biomass Switchboards (11kV incomers, bus couplers and feeders), 11kV/415v step down transformers and 415v Biomass Switchboards (415v feeders switchgear and bus couplers). The electrical systems also included a new essential supplies system including all batteries, chargers and UPS equipment.

The SCADA / Control System comprised dual redundant control processors, I/O racks, power supplies and associated hardware in the LV switchroom. Dual SCADA servers, 2 Operator Workstations and 2 Engineer’s Workstations were provided in the Materials Handling Control Room to allow centralised remote monitoring and control of the complete electrical distribution system.
The SCADA Servers communicate with the control processors via a dedicated fast Ethernet fibre optic ring network. There are also interfaces to existing PI Reporting System, iMAC alarm system and Industrial Defender system.The following systems and services have been designed and installed:
  • Schneider PLC Control System
  • Citect SCADA System
  • Fibre Optic Ethernet Architecture
  • ABB Unigear Switchboard
  • Advantys Remote I/O
  • Magelis HMI
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Flexible Approach including Drax Engineers in the design process
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Value Engineering
  • Compliance with Drax standards

ABB REF542 Plus Interface

The control system monitored a number of ABB REF542Plus Intelligent Relays in the electrical Switchrooms via a number of means including Hardwired I/O, Dual Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP/IP and Web Ref Software. The link type used was dependent upon the data being monitored, however the serial interfaces provided a means for collecting time and date stamped data.

Hardwired I/O links were used for a number of new and refurbished Breakers which were connected to the Advantys STB remote I/O units.

Dual Modbus RS485 multi-drop communications networks were used between the Hot Standby Quantum PLCs and the ABB REF542Plus Intelligent Relays on the 11kV Switchboards with the communications arranged such that it is possible to read values via both ports simultaneously thus providing communications redundancy in the event of a cable or network failure.

Modbus TCP/IP Protocol was used for remote communications between the remote I/O PLC’s and the REF542 Plus Relays and were connected to the Main SCADA Fibre Optic Ring Network.All REF542 Plus units were provided with a TCP/IP connection to the Main SCADA Fibre Optic Ring Network. The REF542 Plus Relays each contain a ‘WebRef’ web server interface, this works in conjunction with Ethernet port on REF542 and can be accessed from the Engineers Workstation via Internet Explorer.