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Drax Power Limited

Ematics have provided a high availability system for the monitoring and control of 11kV and 415v Switchgear for the new Biomass Facility at Drax Power Station, comprising Schneider Quantum PLCs, Advantys Remote I/O, Citect SCADA, and a Magelis HMI.

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Unilever European IT Data Centres

Ematics provided building management systems for two large scale data centres. The data centres house a large number of servers hosting mission critical applications. Maintaining an optimum temperature and humidity within the server rooms is essential to the efficient operations of the centre.

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Medway Tunnel SCADA Replacement

Ematics were awarded the project to provide a new data network infrastructure, a new CCTV system with 100% CCTV coverage and 24/7 recording, a video Incident detection system, a radio rebroadcast system, a new control room complete with all desking, a new video wall and then integrate all these sub systems into a new SCADA system.

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New Tyne Tunnel Crossing

Ematics has designed and installed a Citect based SCADA system with full data redundancy, controlling CCTV, telecoms, radio rebroadcast, VAID, and traffic control from a control room near the new tunnel portal. The accompanying Data Comms system utilises a 3Gb bonded fibre backbone and proven CISCO architecture.

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Dublin Port Tunnel – Network Survey and Upgrade

Ematics conducted a survey of the network to investigate the design concept, current performance and reliability of the whole infrastructure to identify any design and configuration changes that would bring about a more stable network and later commissioned to implement a number of these recommendations.

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CTRL (HS1) Tunnel Ventilation Control System

The primary function of the tunnel VCS is to supply or extract air from the tunnels in the event of an incident and perform tunnel ventilation during normal train operations. The system was deemed to be safety critical, thus system development had to follow strict software assurance guidelines and was subject to regular audits to ensure that the system met the required operational safety criteria.

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CTRL (HS1) Maintenance and Staff Training Facility

Providing Network Rail with a maintenance and training facility for their staff via a duplicated ‘Virtual Live’ system located within one of our test labs in our office in Manchester. The system replicates the site conditions and includes hardwired backup control panels, redundant PLC’s, SCADA servers, client PCs and train position simulators.

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Rotherhithe Tunnel

The Rotherhithe road tunnel crosses beneath the river Thames in East London, connecting the Ratcliff district of Limehouse in Tower Hamlets to Rotherhithe in Southwark. Due to the ageing infrastructure, a new tunnel environmental control system was required to control and monitor day to day vehicle pollution, fire detection, and tunnel lighting / ventilation and smoke control demands.

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SCADA & PLC Systems

At the heart of any process, the safety critical SCADA system must be meticulously planned and flawlessly implemented and with decades of experience in the field, Ematics have a proven record delivering custom built and off-the-shelf based SCADA packages to multiple safety standards, including projects with full SIL Level 3 requirements.

Communications Networks

With our experience in proven Ethernet technology and ultra fast fibre-optic communications, Ematics develop integrated communications network systems using the right technology for the right purpose. We offer network upgrades or replacements of existing communications systems which use outdated and legacy protocols with modern reliable IP solutions.