Morson Projects are a long-term supplier for top industry clients such as BAE Systems, where they have been involved in almost all their major aircraft programmes in recent history.

Some of the programmes their team have been involved in include the Nimrod, Hawk, Typhoon and F35.

The Morson Projects team is currently 650+ personnel strong, with over 300 of their team members currently deployed on Aerospace & Defence programmes.

From lightweight composite structures to complete systems integration, Morson Projects’ engineering teams work independently, or in partnership with their client’s existing project delivery teams to provide comprehensive support throughout design, development, manufacturing and into service.

But what are Morson Projects doing that is a cut-above their competitors? We caught up with Associate Director, Gareth Beck, who leads the Aerospace & Defence division, to find out more.

Gareth shares:

At Morson Projects, we continually strive to deliver the best engineering and technical solutions to our client’s problems. Across the Aerospace & Defence sector, this is achieved by creating the most robust and efficient ways of designing and analysing aircraft structures, systems and software.

Morson Projects achieve this through three key differentiators:

Informed ways of working

Our engineers and technical staff are constantly exploring new and improved ways of working, it’s not just our job it’s in our DNA.

Our varied customer base means that we are continually improving and optimising our design and analysis process as we gain new experience and solve new problems for clients. Due to these broad and ever-evolving solutions, the way that we design and analyse aircraft structures, systems and software is always at the cutting edge, this is one of our key differentiators.

Having tried and tested many working practices throughout our career-history, we are able to work closely with clients to understand and adapt their ways of working to optimise efficiencies, in order to save them time and money.

Certifiable Designs

Another key factor which really does stand us apart from our competitors is that, unlike many engineering practices in the Aerospace & Defence industry, Morson Projects are EASA Part 21J approved.

This approval creates a huge benefit to our clients because it means that when we are helping to design their aircraft, we have a strong understanding of what the relevant Regulatory Authorities, such as EASA, are looking for in terms of design justification for an airworthy aircraft.

Our team understand the drivers of the Authorities, and through their experience and familiarity with producing safe designs, are able to incorporate these requirements into the aircraft design from the beginning of a project. Ultimately, we know what the Authorities are looking for in terms of design justification, whereas a lot of our competitors don’t have this insight.

As a result, this means that our engineers can design to the correct safety requirements from the off-set, which speeds up the design and approval process, saving design costs and also speeding up time-to-market.

Innovative techniques

We are currently working with a selection of Aerospace & Defence clients on programmes that lend themselves to considering high-tech innovative solutions.

Although it is too early to talk about these in detail, we are continually having more and more conversations about the opportunities that solutions such as CoBots, 3D Printing and Digital Capture can create for the Aerospace & Defence sector, and having seen the success of these solutions in other markets, look forward to exploring these further in the coming months. 


Over the past 40 years, Morson Projects have worked with most aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMS). As a team we have had unrivalled exposure to many different ways of designing aircraft and as a result we are able to harness this experience, bringing it all together to ensure we bring the most advanced, robust and efficient aircraft analysis and design techniques to our clients. 

To find out more about Morson Projects CNC Programming team and how they can help you with your next project, please get in touch with David Gray by calling 0161 7070 1516 or sending him an email here.